Agile education: creativity and collaboration

By teaching Agile culture, organization and leadership to big corporations I thought that it would be so useful to bring it to those who can not afford our costly consulting services.

Let’s talk about schools and universities. Nowadays we are looking for creativity, motivation, meaning and other well-being concepts. How can we implement all those in the way we learn?

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Earth Embassy and autonomous house

On the land of sustainability center Fuji Eco-Park Village (once well known for its well-being and sustainable practices such as permaculture design, renewable energy workshop, electrical transport engineering, music festival, eco-conference, educational center, yoga and meditation class) is situated a new autonomous building project called Eden Grow Home, that I got a chance to attend as a volunteer.

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Permaculture center of Japan

In this article I would like to share my 1 month volunteering experience at the Permaculture center of Japan, where I learnt about permaculture design, organic agriculture, edible forest, carpentry, sustainability, healthy mindset, transition town Fujino and social relationships. All this with great people that I had a chance to meet there. Let me tell you a little bit more.

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Transform outdated activities to develop local community

In Fujino transition town like in many other villages young people tend to go to big cities for job, a broader variety of choices, new adventures, activities, people relationships, knowledge and experience, etc.

Less and less young people living in the town caused the absence of need in maintaining an existing elementary school operation. There are just not enough pupils anymore. And even for existing ones parents prefer them to study in Tokyo.

But since Fujino becomes popular among artists and mid-age generation, people are coming here. They quickly identified a need to have a place to meet and develop their artistic activity. Abandoned elementary school seemed to fit their needs. Continue reading “Transform outdated activities to develop local community”