Preparation to a gap year

After understanding why to take a gap year and making the decision to act, it’s time to have a basic preparation.

In my philosophy, influenced by Simon Sinek, it’s important to start from why, then define a macro planning, and act, respecting the initial why in every action.


1. Find inspiration

One of the most inspirational stories for me was the film Demain that shows examples of successful experiments in essential areas such as agriculture, energy, habitat, economy, education, democracy…

It helped me to have a clearer understanding of what I would like to do. Then started to look for similar initiatives to get more inspiration and deep my knowledge on these subjects.


I found that there are so many great positive things happening in the world and I would like to share few very interesting ones:

Spark news is a media platform that communicates on social initiatives in the world.

Jagriti Yatra and Ticket for change are initiatives that grow social entrepreneurship leaders and promote the idea of business based on social impact and people’s quality of life improvement.

Tribe to be inspired is the independent network of people that shares, inspires and acts to improve the way of thinking, working and living, in a format of the event. (sorry it’s in French only)

“Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi


2. Define a goal

It could be useless and demotivating to try to define, precisely specify and plan every aspect of your new life change. I prefer to define a macro vision, some ideas that passionate and motivate me, then act.


Here are some concepts that inspire me:

Transition town, localism, sustainable living and self-sufficiency

Permaculture, organic agriculture and natural farming

Alternative educationalternative school, homeschooling and autodidacticism

Social entrepreneurship, circular economy and sharing economy

Quality of life, happinessGross national happiness and intrinsic motivation


There wasn’t the only goal to work on these concepts, but also travelling, rest, experience some desired activities, discover the world, cultures, people and traditions. And I defined a list of countries that I haven’t been but that always intrigued me and some activities. I also checked the best time to go there. You can find my list in the comments.


3. Plan first steps

There are too many concepts that interest me and to start I decided to choose one.

It was a transition town which stands for locality’s autonomy in terms of food, energy and goods.

“Think big, start small, learn fast”

Eric Ries

I searched on the Internet the most innovative entrepreneurs in this field in the country, I wanted to visit (Japan) and I found 3 places that I contacted by mail and proposed myself as a volunteer:

Permaculture center of Japan – agricultural design

Earth Embassy – autonomous housing construction

Konohana family – well being in harmony with nature

I get so lucky to have a positive answer from them and I would like to thank these kind people.

One thought on “Preparation to a gap year

  1. List of desired countries:

    Japan [April-July & October autumn fall in Kyoto]
    South Korea [May-June]
    Malaysia [June-August]
    Indonesia [June-September]
    Tahiti [July-October]
    Bhutan [September-November]
    Nepal [October]
    Taiwan [October-March]
    India [October-March]
    Bhutan [April-May & October-November]
    Cambodia [October-March]
    Myanmar [November-March]
    Thailand [October-March]
    Laos [October-April]
    *Bangladesh [November-March]
    Philippines [January-May]
    Vietnam [February-May]
    Australia [December-April & All the time depending on the city]
    New Zeland [December-April]

    Madagascar [April-October]
    Réunion [June-November]
    Kenya [June-February]
    Tanzania [June-February]
    Namibia [September-April]
    South Africa [October-March]

    Argentina [November-April]
    Cuba [December-April]
    Jamaica [December-September]
    Martinique [December-Arpil]
    Guadeloupe [December-Arpil]
    Chili [December-February]
    Colombia [January-February]

    USA [June-August]
    Canada [June-August]
    Europe [June-August]


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