Alternative education

This article is for the people who are looking a better education for their children to make them creative and diversified from academic, physical, emotional and spiritual points of view.

Let me share you an example of Steiner school in Fujino transition town.

Main building

1. Arts

The Steiner school aim is to develop creativity via multiple arts: dance, music, crafts, drawing, painting, sculpture. Independent of the age, every grade has its arts included in the program.

Drawing elementary class



The school has its theatre where pupils are performing traditional dance and plays.


Theater 2

Each teacher should know how to draw and play at least one musical instrument.

2. Colors

Steiner was inspired by Goethe’s color science for healing and emotional stimulation. In our example primary school rooms are painted in warm colors to enhance pupils’ activeness and positive attitude. The goal is to provide a learning environment where children can find the joy in learning and experience the richness of childhood.


For high school students, cold blue colors are used to improve the concentration during the lesson. Different angles to outside create the impression of a larger space.

High school class

3. Adjustability

Fujino Steiner school accepts pupils from 6 to 18 years old.

Each classroom has adjustable chairs and tables to let everyone customize their learning desk according to its body characteristics.

Chair and table

In primary school classrooms pupils are organized in a circle to facilitate human interactions. The placement and movement are free. During the lesson kids chose themselves the most convenient way for collaboration.

Circle room

4. Sports and nature

Physical development is related to nature. The outdoor playground is surrounded by the local natural environment.

Nature and sports

Pupils with teacher create a seasonal corner to represent some typical natural features and events of the current season to understand the importance of each moment, evolution and the beauty of nature.

Seasonal corner

To see more examples and inspiration, check out this movie about unschooling as alternative education by free learning based on learner’s passion and motivation: Being and Becoming. It is unstandardized, personal oriented education method.

When you ask yourself how to educate your kid, think about all these alternative methods to develop the best of his or her personality. Everyone is unique and it’s necessary to take into account individual character to let every person find their heartfelt place and develop a healthy society.

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