Agile education: creativity and collaboration

By teaching Agile culture, organization and leadership to big corporations I thought that it would be so useful to bring it to those who can not afford our costly consulting services.

Let’s talk about schools and universities. Nowadays we are looking for creativity, motivation, meaning and other well-being concepts. How can we implement all those in the way we learn?

Let’s take a studying program as example: we have subjects in it, some topics that we consider important for a overall understanding.

Now let’s start our class from a meaningful vision and utility to motivate pupils.


Why is this subject important?

How are we going to learn about it?

What do we have in the program?

Then show the program elements to the pupils, quickly explain them what it is about and why is it important, write them on sticky notes and put them on the wall. Give them the possibility to add something and democratically decide their priority using dot voting.

Topic dot voting

Make your backlog and don’t hesitate to update it after each lesson.


Ask who wants to present which subject for the next class! And if there will be one without a leader you can take it yourself. Let your pupils surprise you by teaching their classmates. Work together to prepare and correct if necessary. They may find something you had never thought about. It will improves their motivation, understanding, global utility, collaboration, responsibility, creativity and will let you learn something to not being annoyed teaching the same thing.

At the end of the class, instead of [at the end of the course] giving the note to the pupils, make a ROTI (return on time invested) on presented topic and if participants wish let them express what they liked and what can be improved.



Check out this great video about the vision: Simon Sinek – how great leaders inspire action.

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