Happiness vs Harmonious lifestyle

Nowadays people talk more and more about happiness. Probably because they feel that there is something wrong about “work, sleep, eat, repeat” cycle and want to change it. In my opinion, we would not talk about happiness, as it would be useless, if there is a harmony in our life. But what the harmony consists of?

Often people talk about the balance taking into account personal and professional life. But I feel that these terms are corrupted and there is such an important element as social connections which is missing. Personal life often leads to individualism, thinking only about self, professional life falls into a race for money without any contribution to others, and the absence of good relationships generates social exclusion and psychological problems.

Being inspired by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and through personal observations, I came to a conclusion that harmonious lifestyle consists of 3 elements:

  1. Personal care and development: time spent on new learning and experience, mental and physical health, diet, beauty, rest, physiological needs.
  2. Human and nature connections: time spent with new acquaintances, friends, family, loved ones, wildlife and nature.
  3. Social contribution through self-realization: people’s quality of life improvement, ideas implementation, respect of others and by others, achievement, mastery, autonomy, purpose, utility to others via work, art, volunteering, creativity, problem solving.

Life is all about balance and if there will be an approximate equality between these three elements we may be having a more harmonious lifestyle. Now figure out what is really important for you and look carefully at the equilibrium between these key elements.

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